Interview with Mira (Basler Zeitung)

Read what Mira is telling in a interview about her job as an Escort in Basel (Story in German).

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Website temporarily not available

Due to technical reasons our website has been temporarily not available. Meanwhile we are back and looking forward to be at your service with Escort Basel. Kind Regards

Exchange rate

[See also newer entries] Due to the strength of the Swiss Currency the is a gab between the provided Swiss Francs and Euro prices. Unfortunatly we are not able to chance this very easly. At moment we are working at a new website for Escort Basel (with the upcoming site it will be easy to chance prices). For the moment the relevant price is always the one given in Swiss Francs (CHF). As a none domestic client please ask us about actuall prices in Euro.

Spending more time with the lady for the same price? Check out our Lifestlye-Option…

Lifestyle-Options give our clients - male, female, couples - the possibility to spend more time with our Escort Ladies for a fair price.

Why do we offer this Lifestyle-Option? Our Ladies enjoy their job as an escort. And they like both the adventurous and the erotic aspect of it. They love to have the chance to get to know you, and enhance the atmosphere before getting to the physical part. In other words, our Ladies, like any other lady, enjoy a supporting program beside the erotic one.

150 exclusive couples… a castle, a night and...

Wander through the impressive castle entrance to the forecourt illuminated by torches and become the stage director of your own sensual desires. Whether as actor or voyeur, tonight your erotic dreams will become reality. Protected by high castle walls, only the Here and Now exist within the mysterious interior of the castle…>>read more about this exclusive eventWe have to tickets for this unique event (23th. Nov. 2013) . Choose one of our Escort Lady spend a fantastic night at the castle with her.

New: Escort Zurich by Nascotte

Dear clients and visitors of our service
Nascotte now offers also its service in the city of Zurich. If you are staying in Zurich please visit us at to book one of our lovely Ladies.
As well as in Basle, in Zurich we will keep our focus on the established keywords of Nascotte: authenticity, credibility with a down to earthness behavior.
Kind Regards

New: Male Escort for Women & Couples

Escort Basel now offers also Escorts for women. Dexter is our first male Escort and he is available for women & couples. We hope to find more interesting male Escorts soon and we are very excited how the reaction will be. So we really hope our youngest child “Escort Service for Women & Couples in Basel” will gain interests and will take its place within our agency.

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