Let me conquer you... I'll wear something short and sexy... Look me in the eyes! So attractive... so capturing... My full lips... I can see you're dying to kiss them... Now you're moving closer to me... You smell my perfume... You smell my skin... The tension is ever increasing...

My head is slightly inclined, my fingers run slowly through my hair, move them aside and reveal my tender and wonderful neck; you kiss it softly...

Swinger Club

Would you like to visit a swinger club? I'll gladly accompany you. We'll go there together, and, by the way, I know one in the canton of Solothurn, for couples only. On the way, we could go for a drink and talk about the rules for the visit. After that we'll be ready to enter this den of voluptuousness and lust, letting our fantasies go wild.

Erotic DVD Night

Would you enjoy a cozy DVD night with one of our ladies? Enjoy the togetherness and slowly get acquainted with one another. Whether it's 'Last Tango in Paris', or 'Eyes Wide Shut', there's no shortage in erotic classics. Of course, you can either choose a movie yourself or let the lady take her pick. Appetizers and some wine add to the enjoyment.

Mögen Sie Parfum bei Ihr / Ihm, wenn Sie intim werden?
Ja, gerne
Ja, aber sehr dezent
Nein, lieber nicht
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